1999 Honda Accord

Air Conditioning problem
1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 189000 miles

The vent will always blow air, whether it blows it hot or cold depending on where I've set the thermostat is completely up to the car. I've tried banging underneath the glove compartment to no avail. Usually when it does come on. It's been blinking on and off for a while, then it will come on. If I immediately try to push a button to regulate which vents I want to air to come out. It will immediately go off, but resume it's blinking on and off in a few minutes. So it is always blowing air no problem, but it is not cool air until the lights come on. The same problem is with the heater. Any ideas?
October 10, 2010.

Hi timbogeorge,

Symptom indiates a fault with the air mix door.

Is system automatic HVAC or manual HVAC?

Oct 11, 2010.
It is manual HVAC. What is the air mix door and how can I fix it?

Oct 11, 2010.
Syatem is equipped with self diagnostic . Let me know thw results.


1. Turn ignition on. Turn blower switch OFF. Place recirculation control knob in recirculated air position (indicator light will come on). Press and hold recirculation control switch to fresh air position (indicator light goes off).

2. Continue to hold recirculation control switch until indicator light comes on for 2 seconds. At this point it will blink the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to indicate the faulty component. One blink indicates air mix control motor, 2 blinks indicates mode control motor, and 3 blinks indicates evaporator temperature sensor. See
Fig. 6 . If indicator lights come on, test appropriate component.

Fault information is not retained in memory. In case of multiple problems, the light will indicate the DTC with the least number of blinks.

Air mix door is for changng the air flow between A/C and heater.

Oct 12, 2010.