1998 Honda Accord

Need help with 1998 Honda DX!
Its been in the shop for over a week, mechanic can't find problem. The car began stalling as I slowed down or stopped at lights. Every light would come on- on the dashboard: Doors open lights, check engine, etc. ETC. ETC. The speedometer would go from 80- 120 and down again. The mechanice replaced my distributor and coil and the same problem happened the day I picked it up. Last year I had a remote starter put on it, he immediately took that off, the horn will work one day, off the next, high beam doesnt work even with new bulb, it is major problems. ANY SUGGESTIONS![/B]
October 10, 2006.

Was there any indication of a Check Engine Light? Have you had that looked at? Off the top of my head, with all those problems I would first look to see if all the grounds are connected, connected securely and clean. Honda cars are very fussy when it comes to grounding. After that, I would look at every connection under the hood and under the dash for connectivety and any wire that is shorting. I might consider the computer but with wierd problems like you are having it has to be a simple thing but hard to find.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 10, 2006.
Thanks for the info,
After 3 weeks of A-Z testing, new distributor, coil, tune up, the dealer finally found the main relay switch was faulty and was sending incorrect signals to the fuel relay, and the main computer, this was also why all the dash lights would come on, even the SRS light for the airbags came on! I didn't realize the main ignition relay
controls all the lights, so after $1500.00 I think its fixed!
(knock wood)

Thought this may help hundreds of other people with these problems. Just a note: the car has close to 300,000 kilometres on it.

Oct 17, 2006.