1997 Honda Accord

Transmission problem
1997 Honda Accord 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

In August when I was driving home from college my check engine light came on and the fourth gear light began to flash, I thought I didnt close the gas cap. I arrived home safely, my mechanic turned the light off. Three weeks later, it happened again, I just took the car to AutoZone to get the check engine lights code to see what exactly was wrong, the code was P0758, which means transmission stuck in 4th gear, with the probable causes of open or short circuit condition, poor electrical connection, or failed shift control solenoid B. Does this mean that my entire transmission have to be replaced or is it just work on the transmission that needs to be done?
October 22, 2008.

Hi jayde07,

P0758 = Defective shift control Valve B.

The shift control solenoid is outside the trans. Valva A and B are as a unit and must be replaced as an assy. Check for broken wire or loose connectors first.

Oct 27, 2008.