1996 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1996 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

The hazard lights will not turn off. The indicator light on the switch will go off, but the flashers stay on. Further, when the right turn signal is turned on only thr right signals flash. However, all the signals flash when the turn signals are off and when the left turn signal is turned on.
January 27, 2008.

I just had this problem occur with my daughters 96 Accord. We took the switch out of the car and I was able to spray in a bit of oil, something light like sewing machine oil or 3 in 1 etc to loosen up the switch and the drag of the button on the sides of the switch. The problem is that the switch runs both left and right turn signals at the same time but because of the sticking, one is not releasing properly. If this does not do the trick, it did in her case, replace the switch.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 28, 2008.