1995 Honda Accord

I have a 1995 honda accord lx 4 cylander engine that just hit 182 000 miles. I bought the car at 141 000 and have never changed the timing belt, but also have no record of when it was last changed. Should I change it now? And if I do so how much should I expect it to cost? Thanks
November 8, 2006.

It is not cheap. The belt is located in a tight spot and the motor mount is removed, etc. The cost of $250 is about what I would suspect. When you do that you should replace the water pump as well. It is located in the same location and driven by the timing belt. Smart move to do that one as well. They only add a few bucks to the process. Having the timing belt replaced is a good idea as when they go and you are on the road the engine stops dead and the head is usually destroyed.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 10, 2006.