2002 Holden Other

Brakes problem
2002 Other Holden Models 6 cyl Automatic

Hi, I am a complete novice and tried to replace my break pads and disc rotar myself after being told its easy, and would save me some money being a single mum.
Well my rear break were metal on metal and the rear right wheel had bad grooves in it and the old worn break pad became stuck while I was out so I had to remove it to drive home, with bad noises!
so I got a new rotar and pads. I removed the old pads and the rotar and put the new rotar on, but when it came time to put the new pads in they wont fit because the piston thing is all the way out and wont go in? I removed the whole caliper thing and tried tapping the piston in but it didn't work either? I'm not sure where to go from here? I can't even drive it to a mechanic now.
Should I just get a new caliper piston thing?
Oh and there is break fluid everywhere now too.
November 17, 2008.

Hi there,

Wow what a mess your in,

You don't have to remove the caliper to do this job normally, the piston should push back if you place the old pad over the piston & use a G clamp to slide it back in, now this is how it should work, but if it has popped out it will have to be cleaned & the seal checked and lubed with rubber grease before re inserting, and re bleeding the system. Where in Aust are you?

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 17, 2008.
In Newcastle NSW.
Great. So much for saving me money and time huh?
Ok, so I guess the next step for me (other then getting it on a tow truck and sent to the mechanic), is to clean/repair the piston? And bleed the breaks yeah?
How the bloody hell do you pull the piston thing apart from the caliber?
Oh and I don't think I would have much break fliud left to bleed. Its everywhere.
I have a feeling the piston got stuck open the other dy when I breaked coz everything seemed to lock up and the old break pad was stuck/squashed/crimpled, so I had to remove it to drive home. Woops.
Oh and my hand break warning/on light kept coming on on my way home then too.

Nov 17, 2008.
Hi there,

I feel that the quickest fix will be to get a second hand caliper from the wreckers, if the piston is stuck, you won't remove it with our a lot of trouble, if you need help with the bleeding, let me know.


Nov 17, 2008.