1999 GMC Yukon

1999 GMC Yukon

hi, my brother in law has a 1999 yukon denali,
recently the DRL have stopped working, all other lights work, we believe its the DRL relay, however it is NOT located under the hood.

so my question is, where is the DRL relay located?

and also, if we were to jus replace the lights with a complete HID kit would this fix the problem? And if that does fix the problem temporarily, is there a risk that other functions on the truck will eventually short out?

thanks for all the help,

February 10, 2009.

The relay is located under the steering column. You have to take a panel just under the column to expose the relay that is plugged into a panel box. Good luck

M kruk
Mar 8, 2009.
If the Relay was not the problem you can check the Daytime running light module which is a circuit board (small) which the side of the card slides into a slot, that they tell is loacted taped to the panel or wring harness under the left side of dash. I have not found it but I know they sell this part both on-line and at auto part stores, so ut us there somewhere and could be your problem.

Most people do not mention this part, or do not know about it.

Good luck, gschall with 97 Yukon

Jun 10, 2009.
I found the daytime running light module however, that was not my problem, so I am moving onto checking the turn signal high beam switch, they tell me that can be the problem as well.
If I change it and it solves the problem I will let you know.

Jun 16, 2009.