1997 GMC Truck

Brakes problem
1997 GMC Truck V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90,000 miles

i have 97 gmc seirra 3500 dually 4x4, I would like to know how to remove the old rotors, do I have to remove the axle bolt to get them off?
June 3, 2010.

Take all the bolts/nuts off of the axle and smack it with a hammer so it pops out. Take the axle out and you will see a very large nut. If you don't have the socket for it and you probably won't, you can take a chisel and nick the edge to back it off. Take that out then there will be a large washer, take that off, and then an inner nut like the outer. Take that off and the drum should come off.