1998 GMC Sonoma

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 75,000 miles

My 1998 fuel injected Sonoma had an extremely bad vacum hose which dissapears into the drivers side wheel well and starts at the fuell injectors. The Vacuum line broke and now the truck barley runs. I cannot find the other end of the hose inside the wheelwell and believe that there is a canister inside but need to know if I am the rigt track
July 22, 2010.

There are no fdiagrams available unless you can find a factory manual. It probably goes to the cannister so if you get another factory type hose that is already bent or go to an auto parts store and see if they list one and just look at it to see if it is similar.

Jul 24, 2010.