1996 GMC Sonoma

Engine Mechanical problem
1996 GMC Sonoma 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90760 miles

i have a 96 sonoma my check engine light has been going on and off for a while now so I analyze the problem with the scanner and I got PO302 which a 2 cylinder misfire, it is intermittent the code goes on and off but the thing is it is not misfiring it has a good idel speed and has not lost any power, I had the motor rebuild because of a blown head gasket and replace the spark plugs, wires, resurfaced heads, disturber cap, new hoses and changed alot more, at first I thought it my be the o2 sensor but thats not the problem. Can any one help me I appreciate it?
September 19, 2010.

Misfires are caused by many things and changing stuff doesn't help cause you don't know what it does. A vacuum leak, a partially pugged fuel filter or a lean out condition will cause all of this. It's best to have a pro check it and find the cause. You could have a an injector that doesn't work right but you relally need to get it checked out.

Oct 12, 2010.
Its not a vacuum leak, I think I might have a bad injector though thank you for taking the time out to answer the question I appreciate it

Oct 13, 2010.