2003 GMC Sierra

2003 GMC Sierra

We have an 2003 GMC Sierra, extend cab 4x4 5.3 L and our front brakes keep seizing up on us. We put brand new calipers on it about 4 months ago, and now the brakes keep wanting to seize up, we can only drive for about 10 minutes, not even and they start seizing. We are now day 4 at the GM " dealership" and they don't even know what's wrong, they checked our calipers, they say they are fine, then they said we had the wrong lube, brakes drying up, so they put new lube, but it's still doing it, the mechanics don't know either? We need serious help because we drive around with a 10 mm wrench right now, having to release the brakes ourselves, we are all out of options. And yes we went to several mechanics and they don't know and now the dealership doesn't know, so now what do we do? It is very mind boggling. Please help, we are all out of answers! Thank you for your time
Shelly michaud
October 21, 2009.

When it does it, try pulling up on the brake pedal and see if the brakes release, if they do its in the brake booster. Also have the dealer do an automated bleed on the EBCM, sometimes dirt from old brake fluid will get caught in the channels of the ebcm causing the brakes to sometimes apply, sometimes you can try and dislodge the dirt by an automated bleed or by lightly tapping on the ebcm with a hammer, if that dosent work try flushing the whole brake system, and if that dosent work you will probably be replacing the ebcm if none of the above works, I just had an 05 sierra doing the same exact thing.

Brian 1
Oct 21, 2009.
This reply if for ( brian 1) Thank you so much for the great advice on our 2003 GMC Sierra with brake seizing problems. You wrote back saying that we should have a professional brake bleed done, and of course I forgot to mention that it was also done at the dealership, along with everything else under the sun they could think of trying to solve this problem! So after all, the " master cylinder" was gone, the mechanic said it was all swollen inside, and there was not proper lube in there (we never touched that part ever!) So I just thought I would let you know, so possibly the advice can be given to others before alot of money is spent guessing! The brakes are fine now, thank you for your advice, you guys are GREAT!

Shelly michaud
Oct 27, 2009.