1996 GMC Sierra

Engine Mechanical problem
1996 GMC Sierra V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual 157000 miles

I have a 96 K2500 w/ the 5.7 V8 and I went on vacation for 3 weeks now my truck wont start. It cranks till the battery dies but wont fire up. It has spark, fuel, air, and compression but nothing. I have had this prob 2 months ago when I left for 5 weeks and it wouldn't start it took 6 days, I changed the fuel pump, distributor cap and rotor. Fuel filter, heck I even changed out the fuel line, and then I just got a hair up my a$$ and changed the spark plugs and it fired almost right up. Also I am in Alaska so it is freaking coldish it is about -20 now I have a block heater but that didn't work I was thinking of moving it into a garage to warm it up. Because right now I am out of ideas why it wont start. And I have also tried starter fluid w/ no luck. Any help would be great thanks.
January 10, 2009.

Hi: If it doesn't start, fuel or spark must be missing. Have you checked fuel pressure and for spark? Will it start if you give it a shot of starting fluid?


Starter fluid was not helping and I had 60psi of fuel and spark but for some reason I changed the distributor cap and rotor and it fired right up. I had spark but I guess it wasn't good enough to work.

Jan 14, 2009.