1991 GMC Sierra

Brakes problem
1991 GMC Sierra V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi There,
I am having problems with the brakes on a vehicle obtained from an estate. I have been told to check the back brakes to see if everything is OK.
My drum brake assemblies do not match any diagrams that I can find. I have never seen a set up like it. Might the truck have some unusual brake system that nobody seems to know about? The truck was made in Canada in 1990. It is a Sierra SLX 1500 with the heavy chassis and extended cab. The brake adjusters are at the top, just under the brake cylinder. I thought that it was improperly installed by the previous owner, but it doesn't look like they could be assembled any other way.
If anyone could help in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it.

January 5, 2010.

They look normal too me. What do you think is wrong? There are however two types of adjusting systems on these trucks. This one is not unusual. Do you have a repair manual for your truck? If not, It may be a good idea to purchase one. They are cheap and priceless.

Jan 5, 2010.