GMC Safari

I have a 2001 GMC Safari 2-wheel drive 4.3 l.
The service engine soon light was on. Scanned and indicate the crankshaft sensor might be bad. So, changed the crankshaft but after 5 miles the light came back on again. Please help. WHat else should be wrong.
Could it be the cam?
June 10, 2007.

Said who. Test and verify by who?
Has anything done to prove the crank sensor is bad?. If so. Tell me.
I'm awaiting for ur answer b4 my diagnostic.
Msg me when u have some info
later man

Kin chan
Jun 10, 2007.
Hello Kin Chan,

A mechanic used a code reader and the code P1345 shown on his reader. He told me it could be the crankshaft or the cam. So I took the liberty to change the crankshaft sensor but the light is back on after a few miles.

Jun 10, 2007.
Is it just chk engine lite came on?
How bout driveability issue?
How much u pay the mechanic for diagnostic?
Did the mechanic pull the freeze frame data out?
If so what other pid datas shown? Such as rpm, 3X & 18X signal. Whats the timing at.
If ur mechanic just pull a code and didn't charge u. Then he didn't do a diagnostic. And if he clear ur code out. He's gonna have to try on the same condition. Induce the code back and diagnose from there?
U wanna know whats wrong. If u mean what possibility. That depends. Do u have any formal training of auto repair. Must need professional level training on OBDII to understand whats the definition on this crank code protocol.I replaced bad wires, alternator, bad sensors, bad harmonic balancer, bad a/c location on the same code for most of the late 90's chevy truck and sub. If u want me to guess.U better get enuff equipments or parts and keep trying until 1 of it hit. Theoretically if u replace enuff parts it will work. But for the late 90's chevy truck.U must need a scanner which provide bidirectional funstion for the crank relearn on replacing distributor. Maybe crank sensor.I'm not sure till I get back to the shop tomorrow.
My advice for u if this is my car and I am in ur shoe. Take it to a real mechanic and it should be fairly straight forward job.
Good luck man

Kin chan
Jun 11, 2007.