1989 GMC S15

Computer problem
1989 GMC S15 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

my truck is flooding and I have to floor it to start it. Could you please help me?
Matthew Nelson
March 29, 2008.

Check the fuel pressure regulator could be leaking and injector/s stuck open

Mar 29, 2008.
I had the same thing happen to my 89 Jimmy 4X4.
It was the temperature sensor on the intake manifold.
When I plugged my homemade computer interface in the temp reading was showing -20 degrees and the fuel was pouring in.
I then disconnected the sensor and the car started running better.
Looking at the temp reading by the computer it showed -40.
Ha, open circuit meant that the computer put in a general fuel mix and that made it run better.
So I went to the auto parts store, got a new temp sensor and my problem went away!

Hope this helped!


Nov 16, 2008.