1994 GMC Other

: cry: I am a woman who owns a 94 Buick Regal Custom with 134K on a 3.8 V-6. I purchased it in 2002 from a dealership with a good rep.
I have been having problems with the rear brakes and caliper, this happens every 3 months or so. I have to replace both back rotors, pads and at least one caliper. The garage who has fixed it for me in the past has told me this is a problem with this model. I wrote to GM to ask for reimbursement for all the repairs due to the fact it is a manufacturing problem but they say they can't help because not enough people have complained.
What can I do to fix this pain in the neck problem, it is getting to be to expensive. I can't afford to trade it off. : (
May 18, 2006.

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