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last week I was driveing to work the car was running perfect like it always has and I had my radio up really loud. I have a 1994 cutlass supreme 3.1 sfi with 2 12" woofer in it so I was hitting the bass really hard and I think I pulled to much juice cuase I got to work and pulled in my parking spot and the car just died. I tryed to restart it but all it did was turn over and backfire repeated the same thing a few hours later. The car turns over great but will not start just backfires. I am sure I blew a senors or two but I am not sure what ones I might have hurt I changed the camshaft position thinking that was it but no help still just backfires. Any help would be great. Took it to a shop and thry said they could not find any trouble codes so it must have been my timeing chain and gears so I had it all taken apart and check but nothing so that is why it leads me to think I blew a senor conscidering how much power I was taking out of my car. Thanks any ideas would be great.
April 7, 2006.

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