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Engine Performance problem
1999 Other GMC Models V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 175000 miles

I have a1999 GMC Suburban with 175k miles. I've taken good care of it but now I have an odd problem that's getting progressively worste.

When I start the truck or start to go from a stop, I give it gas and it sputters and looses power. If I flutter the gas pedal I can nurse it up in RPM until it revvs up just fine and I can sail along until I stop again. If I try to give a lot of gas when it's bogging down, it will pop a bit and backfire a small amount before dying.

This has gone over a few days from just when I started it, acting like this, to now, where every stop causes it.

Any idea as what could be causing this problem? I haven't run low on fuel lately and I put a fuel filter in last year.
July 30, 2008.

Check the throttle position sensor, you could get a free scan at most auto parts stores. Get the live data feed and write down all the sensor parameters, also check error codes.
It is also a good idea to check fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge.

Jul 31, 2008.
Here's one for the rule of check the easiest thing first -

My K& N popped off the throttle body and no air was going past the mass air flow sensor so the computer was freaked out. Once I reattached it, viola! It worked good as new!

Jul 31, 2008.