1989 GMC Other

Electrical problem
1989 Other GMC Models 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

i have a 89 cutless ciera sl it has the 3.3 liter engine I have replaced the crank sencer the ignition module has been tested and checks good and the computer has been replaced the prom from the old one was installed. The car will start and run sounds good for about 10 min then it will die. One time the fuel pressure is be lost then the spark will be lost and will not start again till the next day any help would be deeply appreciated the car has no security system to reset the computer and clear codes you remove the negative cable from the battery is like something is heating up and breaking down thks for the reply thanks ridespringer
November 4, 2009.

Does the car have a security system? If so, is it factory or aftermarket?