1993 GMC Jimmy


I had previously asked a question concerning my 1993 GMC Jimmy and the starting problem and stalling I was experiencing. I got a response back from " 2CarPro Jack" saying it could very well be the fuel pump needs replacing because of the pulse dampener on the fuel pump being the culprit. Could you tell me -- do you believe this (fuel pump) could actually cause my vehicle to not start, in addition to the surging and stalling? I have minimal expertise with this matter, but, once again, could that (bad fuel pump) actually cause the non-starting issue? (I'm assuming that the fuel pump plays an integral and crucial part in starting a vehicle, and, if faulty won't allow the vehicle to start?) I just naturally don't want to go through a costly deduction process of purchasing parts to simply find out which one is the necessary part.

Thank you very much,

Kevin Neslund

Thank you,

Kevin Neslund
April 27, 2007.

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