1992 GMC Jimmy

Engine Performance problem
1992 GMC Jimmy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

I have been having trouble with my fuel pump. It's only a couple years old and seems to have a stuck check valve in it now. I guess I had two questions;
1. Is there a way to unstick the valve without dropping the tank (I crimpd off the supply line to diagnose the probem and it got better for a little while then messed up again)

2. Do you know of a brand of pump that is equal to OEM quality? I've had trouble after replacing every in tank pump I've dealt with they seem to onlylast a couple years. Have you had better luck with any one brand?
July 29, 2010.

No way to unstick the valve, but are you sure it's not the fuel regulator? The only pumps that I know of are Delco or I thinkit's airtech, but not sure on that. I know of people using carter and haveing problems, but your harness may be bad as well and needs replacing like the larger trucks of later years.

Jul 30, 2010.
Thanks for your reply hmac ! I didn't figure the valve could be unstuck, but you never know. Carters are what most parts places are selling and their not too good for longevity. I did replace the harness last time I did the pump. The tests I did told me the regulator is good. It does run til it quits under load(like its running out of gas. Its just very hard to start if I don't give it a shot of gas or either. 90% sure its the pump, and I have found a supplier online that sells delco parts

Jul 30, 2010.