1968 GMC C2500

Engine Performance problem
1968 GMC C2500 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 60555 miles

I can never find anything that deals with the rare engine my greatuncle ordered when he bought this gmc 2500 pickup truck. I am tuning it up and need timing specs, point gap, or dwell. Also it has solid lifters so I also need valve adjustment specs. I truly hope you can help me because I have to smog to get registration. Thank You Michael Keyes P.S. This is a 351 c.I. V-6 !
March 12, 2010.

The only engines listed are 230 250 and 292 I six, 351 engines were V8 Fords? Is this a striaght or V block engine. Where did he buy it from? V8's were 307, 327, and 396. GMC six are 170, 240 and 300. Never mind I found your V6 351! I will email the specs to you! Learn something new every day

Mar 12, 2010.
Hi Novamike, Welcome to 2carpros and TY fo rthe donation

You sure this is a V6? 351 engines comes from a ford ( first on race day ) could be a 351M, 351C and 351W they all V8's

Mar 12, 2010.
351 V6

need timing specs, point gap, or dwell. And valve adjustment

Ignition timing: 10deg BTDC

Gap: .019

Dwell/Cam angle: 31-34 deg

Tappets Hot adjustment

Intake: .012

Exhaust: .018

Mar 12, 2010.