GMC C1500

My wife has a 2000 gmc Jimmy with 150000 miles on it, and last week while accelerating down the highway it started cutting out like thier was water in the gas. We have used heet twiceit stopped for a day or so and now it dios it again. What else could this be? It does it while accelerating
olease help if you know what this is
December 12, 2006.

Check your cigarette light does it work? I think the data link connector runs on the same fuse and may be blown. Maybe it is that simple! :

The fuses were all checked and good [the brake warning light had been on - the fuse for it was making a bad connection, so checked others at the same time, brake warning light is fine now].

Both lighters work fine. I've charged the cell phone off of them while driving without problem.

Cleaned the connectors, still no communication from car to scanner. I'm wondering if maybe their's a short somewhere between the block plug and the computer? I'm not sure how to test for that.

Spending the weekend going through the pages I printed from here on surging and dying while driving. Since both list a couple of shared issues, I'm working from there.

Thank you so much for your time and help. Normally I have no issue paying a good mechanic for his work but we've been hit pretty hard in the slump in our state.

Aug 12, 2006.
Look into the catalyitic convertor. If it is plugged up it will not allow exhaust to flow out of the tail pipe, causing the exhaust to build up and not ecsape. In result, will cause a loss of power. This problem usually occurs while trying to accelerate. : )

Dec 13, 2006.