1990 Geo Prizm

I have an oil leak in my 1990 geo prizim lsi anutomatic. It has 91000 miles on the engine and the engine smokes like no other. Ive heard that it could be my rear main seal leaking, and I was wondering if it was okay for the car to still run even thought its still smoking really bad
October 1, 2007.

If it is smoking out the exhaust pipe, that would indicate a major problem (valve seals, rings).
If it is burning oil (smoke coming from the engine compartment), then I would not drive it.
It is possible that the oil could come in contact with a heat source such as the exhaust manifold and cause a fire.
To replace the rear main seal you have to take the transmission out.
The seals get hard in time and the round spring that seals them against the rotating crankshaft can eat through the seal and scratch the crank (this spring is called the garter spring). If the scratch is bad enough the new seal will fail very soon.

Oct 17, 2007.