1989 Geo Metro

Electrical problem
1989 Geo Metro 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 100, 00 miles

I have A 1989 Geo Metro the headlights will no longer work, They will flash on when you pull back on the dimmer switch, The bulbs are good, the headlight switch is also good, The 3 wires that go to the headlight bulbs are all hot, Even with the switch off, I thought the center wire was the ground, When I ran A ground wire to the center wire they came on even with the switch off, Is there any relays on this? All fuse's are good
could the dimmer switch be bad? &Amp; if it is how can I test it.
Please help.
September 25, 2008.

Sep 26, 2008.
Hi alancathy,

Sorry for the delay in answering your question and thank you for the donation.

If you unplug headlight sockets, Only 1 wire should be hot, White/Blue for Left and White/Red for Right.

The other 2 wires are connected to the dimmer switch and when in operations, they are grounded to complete the circuit. If the headllights are not working with power available to the bulb, the switch should be faulty unless the connection is broken between headlight and switch.

At switch test for power supply to Red and Red/White, if power is available, there is no problem with the wire connections.

Sep 27, 2008.
Thank you for all your help on my 89 Geo headlights
not working. You were right it was the connection where thr dimmer switch connect to thr light switch
it was burned out.

Oct 2, 2008.
Thank you for the input.

Oct 4, 2008.
I have a similar problem. My low beams don't work. At the dimmer switch I have no power at the red/white wire, I do have power at red wire. Does that mean a broken wire or is the light switch broken.

Thanks for a reply!

Jul 12, 2015.