2002 Ford Windstar

Steering problem
2002 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 48,500 miles

When the engine heats up, not when the engines cold, and when I make hard turns I can hear the power steering pump really make a louder than usual noise. The fluid level is fine, and the vehicle is okay to drive. I'm wondering if I have to change the pump. Like I said it's only noisy when the engine has been running for awhile.
July 28, 2008.

Hi. This might sound crazy but it worked for me. My P/S Pump on my 2002 Windstar was very loud. Before I replacing it I decided to drain the old fluid, flush with synthetic P/S fluid and then refill with syn. Fluid. Now it's quiet as a mouse. Good luck.

Aug 18, 2008.
FYI - I had the same problem. I thought the pump needed to be replaced too. My Mechanic flushed the power steering system and replaced the PS fluid with synthetic. No more noise!

Nov 24, 2008.