2002 Ford Windstar

Brakes problem
2002 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 132000 miles

I am aware of recall 09S09. The Speed control deactivation switch is leaking on this car. I removed the connector and jumped it, the cruse control works now. The ABS light and the cruse control stopped working about the same time. Could the leaking brake fluid cause the ABS fault? And what is Ford suppose to fix under the recall.
December 24, 2009.
Follow this link, we have a long string on Windstar!
If your SCSD is leaking, Ford may have to replace all affected parts, but it is YOUR job to make sure the dealer of your choice spells out what will be done BEFORE you sign any estimates or repair orders, they will try to get out as checp as they can!

Dec 24, 2009.