2001 Ford Windstar

Electrical problem
2001 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 161260 miles

Symptoms: No odometer(straight solid green line through it), no speedometer, O/D off light flashing, ABS light on. Heater only blows hot air, rear air controler up front isn't working, will work at back controller. Last time vehicle was turned off it was fine. Replaced alternator two weeks ago. Battery less than a year old.
Drives fine and rest of lighting working fine.
What is wrong here?
September 29, 2008.

I believe you have more then one issue is going on here
1- heat only heat I would suspect blend door motor (do u hear clicking when switching from hot to cold and vise versa)
2- OD light flashing suspect tranny issue ,scan for tranny codes
3- check speed sensor

need manual CHECK IT @

Sep 29, 2008.
Thanks for the reply. I discovered the problem through the archives here and found it to be the brake pressure switch was leaking and the brake fluid had dripped down onto the wire harness thus shorting out the #10 fuse. I failed to mention that the vehicle was also losing brake fluid thinking that this was a seperate problem all together. Now I'm dealing with another issue involving a miss. I changed spark plugs also and now it won't idle. I think I may have a bad spark plug wire.

Sep 30, 2008.
That was recalled by ford and should’ve been long taken care of
I would still give them a call have the VIN # ready

need manual CHECK IT @

Sep 30, 2008.