2000 Ford Windstar

Electrical problem
2000 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 106000 miles

Key will not turn in any direction I have turned the wheel moved gear shift but it won't budge. There was nothing happening before hand like turning hard or sticking it just won't turn at all. I thought maybe the chip in the key went bad ( I don't know if that is possible) but I went to get one made but figured if if the machine could read it to make me a key it was probably ok & did'nt want to give up 70 bucks for nothing. The manual I have says you have to turn the key to on to get the cylinder out so I can't even check that. Any help would be great even if it's where I should go to get it fixed mechanic or lock smith? Thanks, Tim
December 27, 2009.

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Dec 27, 2009.