1994 Ford Thunderbird

Ok well here it goes!
I own a 94 Thunderbird V.8 Lx automatic 4.6, passenger side squeeks while turning, slowing down, and bumps, it's pretty loud. The headlights go on and off at will, and the only way to get them to come back on is either to wait patiently or turn on my high beams and then shut them off again. And my power steering is off. It's not hard to turn the wheel or anything, I just have to turn the wheel back after making any kind of turn or it will continue to go the direction of the turn. It's a little weird. I am starting to get a little annoyed with this car it's like it's one thing after another. : ? Help!
July 20, 2007.

Well let me see if I can tackle this

Firs: t issue sounds like you have a bad lower control arm on the passenger side, these are known to come apart while driving I recomend getting this fixed as soon as possible and not driving the car until its repaired.

Second: sounds like you may have a short in the head light, the bulb may need to be replaced.

Third. The steering wheel is off because the car is in need of a wheel alignment t-birds are very known for this problem, chances are the car needs tie-rod ends on both sides as well. I would not be surprised if the tires are going bald in the front.

I'm so sorry for all this bad news.

Hope this helps though



Aug 17, 2007.
You're dead on, Richard. Just went through the same thing last year (less the headlight issue) and it was the lower drivers side control arm and tie rod bushings on both side, I didn't realize how far out of allignment it was until I got it back from the shop. Nice and tight.

Aug 17, 2007.
Yeah, my last car was a 94 thunderbird, and if I had any advice for you it would be to get rid of this thing as soon as possible. If not, it will only be problem after problem. Good luck in the car search!


Sep 6, 2007.