1997 Ford Thunderbird

Electrical problem
1997 Ford Thunderbird V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 99000 miles

sometimes my turn signals and/or emerg flashers don't work. I am trying to remove the turn signal module from steering column so I can check it out for dirt, bad connection, etc. However, I am unable to remove the upper plastic cover behind the steering wheel because the ignition switch turning knob covers and blocks the hole that the ignitiion switch goes through on the plastic cover. I need to remove the cover to access the mounting screws for the signal module.

How do I remove the external ignition switch knob?

September 1, 2009.

So you are trying to remove the ignition lock cylinder?

Hmmm - not sure. I am trying to get the plastic cover off of the top of the steering column between the dash and the steering wheel (the bottom half of the plastic cover unscrews off), but the place where the key is inserted into the ignition is surrounded by a metallic "knob" (that is used to turn on the ignition) that is larger than the hole in the plastic cover that surrounds it. See photo. Thanks for your attention ...

Sep 2, 2009.
Okay, thanks for that additional info.

That is indeed the ignition lock cylinder you are trying to remove.

Is this on a floor shift or column shift model, also is it tilt or non-tilt column?

It's a floor shift automatic with tilt steering wheel

Sep 2, 2009.
Try this out.

Remove the right and left side lower mouldings from the instrument panel by pulling up and snapping out of the retainers.
Remove the instrument panel lower trim cover.
Remove the air bag sliding contact.
Unscrew, then remove the tilt steering column lock lever.
Rotate the lock cylinder to the RUN position. Using a 1 / 8 in. drift, press the ignition switch lock cylinder retaining pin through the access hole and remove the lock cylinder.
Remove the four retaining screws from the lower steering column shroud, then remove the upper and lower shrouds.