1995 Ford Thunderbird

Suspension problem
1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 43,000 miles

Recently I replaced all right side front end parts on a 1995 ford thunderbird. These parts include a strut and spring assembly, a spindle assembly, upper and lower control arms, bearing assembly, tie rods inner and outer, and a strut rod. Initially the car was sent to a frame shop to correct some slight setback damage. After aligning the car today I am still hearing a poping noise when I make sharp turns and or brake suddenly. Would a loose strut rod connection cause this problem, If not what would be your assessment. Thanks this noise is driving me insane.
Juan wood
February 6, 2008.

Yes it would but so would a bunch of other things too. Id start by making sure the strut rod bushings are installed correctly in order.

Feb 6, 2008.