1993 Ford Tempo

I have a 1993 Ford Tempo 4 cyl 2.3 liter engine. The problem started about two months ago, the car sometimes while idiling at a stop would just stall because there was no spark. Tried to start it up but would not start until about 5 minutes then would start up again. When it stalled again I check all the basic components, spark plugs, distributer cap, spark plug wires ect, all check out OK.I assumed it was the ICM and pick-up bought a new one but still had the same problem from time to time. Them bought a Hans manual, I check when the car was running the Ignition coil-OK, check the new ICM and pick-up-OK the ignition switch-OK Check the Computer with a code debugger got 111 (system OK)then I check
the plug that goes into the ICM, pin-2(Coil Power)12
volts ignition switch in run position-OK. Pin-3(ICM Power)12 volts ignitoin switch in run and start position-OK. Pin-4(FTO or Start not Sure)12 volts ignition in the start position-OK. Then when the car stalled again I check everything agian and find that the only thing different is the voltage at pin-4 of the ICM plug which reads.8 volts(instead of 12 volts) in the start ignition postion.I traced the wire of pin-4(white with thin pink stripe)the ECC(engine computer).A week ago the car Stalled agian at a stop the difference thow is it never stated back up agian, Had to tow the car at my house. What is the problem. Everything checks out OK but that pin-4. Did the computer go bad. Semiconductors are not known to have intermittent problems, when they go bad thay go bad the first time.
October 2, 2007.

Plastic gears in the window motor are gone. Need a new one, Autozone sells em.

Jul 21, 2007.