1992 Ford Tempo

Air Conditioning problem
1992 Ford Tempo 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 99,000 miles

I changed over my ac from r12 to r134 last year run perfect till this month turned it on it was hot. Added a couple 3 cans of r134 was cold for 2 days now hot, I tryed to run dye in the low pressure side to check for leaks and my clutch won't even cloick in, can I bypass that? So its got zero freon and my dye won't go in because the fan clutch won't kick on and off it did when I first addded the cans of freon.I'm just rying to find the leak
April 8, 2009.

Hi there,

You should get the system vacuumed down and introduce the refrigerant with dye that way, trying to introduce refrigerant by other methods can over charge and damage the system.

Mark (mhpautos)

Apr 8, 2009.
There's a pressure sensor in 1 of the lines that tells the compressor there is not enough freon so dont turn on. Find it and unplug it and cross the connector wires by inserting a paper clip or something. Then you can add leak detector. You can also inspect for compressor oil leakage that is an indication of a leak also.

Apr 8, 2009.