Ford Taurus

2002 Ford Taurus 75000 mi. Problem with starting after driving. Turn key on as usual, car weakly cranks for just a couple seconds then nothing. Turn key off, then right back on to try restarting only sound is starter clicking. If car sits for just a minute or two after this attempt it will start. Went through this a few weeks ago. Replaced battery no problems since until today. Where it repeated that behavior a few times. But this last time it refused to start even after sitting for a hour and it refused to start by jumping it. Banged on the starter for the heck of it and it did turn over very slightly for a brief moment then nothing but the click. Is this a starter issue?
December 16, 2006.

Hey rswan,
Sure does sound like a starter issue!


p.S. Be sure those battery terminals are squeaky clean!

Dec 17, 2006.