Ford Taurus

My daughter has a 1995 Ford Taurus, 112,000 miles, 3.0 engine and auto trans. Recently she was driving it when it started to overheat. She parked it immediately. It was leaking coolant from the engine-transmission junction. I checked it the next day. The radiator cap was tight, but the radiator filler tube was packed solid with dirt. The radiator had been replaced about a year ago.

One car repair shop said it was probably a ruptured freeze plug (without actually seeing it) and another said it could possibly be a hose or line on the engine.
The coolant appears to be coming out of the cover plate area on the bottom of the transmission where it is bolted to the engine, so I'm thinking a freeze plug popped due to pressure build-up from the radiator cap being clogged.
Any ideas?
Joe Roberts
April 18, 2007.

If its coming from in between the engine and tranny I would say the freeze plug.

Apr 18, 2007.
Probably is a freeze plug but not leaking because of pressure buildup. Too many other weaker parts to blow from pressure before a freeze plug would.

Les Dane
Apr 19, 2007.
Maybe not pressure. Corrosion!

Apr 19, 2007.