Ford Taurus

I have a 96 Ford Taurus. It will not stop using the regular brakes. At all! I have to use the emergency brake. Needless to say, I don't drive it. I have had the calipers and all brake pads replaced all the way around and it still won't stop. The pedal goes all the way to the floor. No brake fluid is leaking anywhere and we bled all the brakes. It never pressures up when started. It bubbles in the reservior. What can this mean? How can it be fixed.
August 13, 2006.

I would say your mater cylinder is bad. However, make sure the rear brakes are adjusted correctly, and be sure you have bled all of the air completly out before replacing the master cylinder.

Aug 13, 2006.
I had the master cylinder changed. It works better now. Stopping more frequently, but still has some trouble every once in a while. Everything has been bled and there are no leaks. Now what?

Aug 18, 2006.
It still sounds like you have air in the system take it to a shop where they have a power bleeder a lot of times you can't get all the air out by pumping the breaks so by pressure bleeding them you can. (NOS) 8)

Aug 20, 2006.