2003 Ford Taurus

Transmission problem
2003 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

Fifty miles ago we had the transmission pan dropped and the gasket replaced and fluid replaced. Today my wife was driving in the neighborhood and the car just started to coast and now we have no forward or reverse.
October 6, 2008.


Is your check engine light on? If so could be a sensor. You would need to get code pulled to determine a better diagnosis.

Other possibilities are your torq converter has gone out or your tranny has gone out.

Oct 6, 2008.
Hi Ed,

If they did over fill the tranny you would have noticed some slipping and similar condition as low fluid would cause do to the gears churning up foam and cause air bubbles and make the fluid spongy. The air bubbles can cause overheating, fluid oxidation, and varnishing. This can interfere with normal valve, clutch, and servo operation. Foaming can also result in fluid escaping from the transaxle dipstick where it may be mistaken for a leak.

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Oct 8, 2008.