2002 Ford Taurus

Steering problem
2002 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

prob. 1 I replaced my power steering pump, old one was leaking. Whats the trick to removing the pulley. Looks like an allen wrench would remove, used a breaker bar, still wouldnt break loose. Prob. 2 since replacing p. Steering pump, fluid in resevoir looks frothy like it was run through a blender. Manual says to turn wheel back/forth to remove air. Any ideas. Thanks
January 29, 2010.

Power steering pulley removal require the use of a puller
you local part store should have them for rent or for sale
bar will damage the pulley
to bleed the air from the system
jack front tire of the ground turn key on
push tire slowly side to side that should get the air out

Jan 30, 2010.