2002 Ford Taurus

Air Conditioning problem
2002 Ford Taurus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 57000 miles
My air conditioner just all of a sudden went out and the check engine light came on. My philosophy is start small so i checked the fuses under the hood of my car in the relay panel. The fuse for the air conditioning was blown. I replaced the fuse and the air conditioner ran fine for about ten minutes and the check engine light disappered. Then the fuse once again blew and the light came back on. I then replaced the relay switch that controls the air conditioning. That seemed to have no effect on the situatuation. Any thoughts on what to try next or what could be causing it??????[
July 1, 2009.

When fuse blows does that effect the blower fan
(no more air blowing too )
seen it where the blower motor over load the circuit and blows the fuse
if so disconnect the blower motor
replace fuse and run the system
if all ok replace blower motor
if not check wiring and what else the fuse protects
good luck

Jul 2, 2009.
Yes it still blows it's just hot air so after trying all that I would guess that it is the wiring that is bad. The only other thing that I can think of is that the fuse that keeps blowing also controls something called the pcm? If you don't mind telling me what that even is I would appreciate it thank you!

Jul 3, 2009.

Which fuse is it so I can try and pull the wiring diagram for it
also try and pull the AC compressor relay check if that will stop the fuse from burning
let me know

Jul 3, 2009.