2002 Ford Taurus

Engine problem
2002 Ford Taurus V6 Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 86000 miles


I am concerend with the recent chirpping sound (like a bird) coming from the engine area. I am not sure what it could be. Could it be a belt that is bad or could it be something serious? The " chirpping" goes faster as the more speed I pick up. I drive with a toddler so I am afraid of breaking down. Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you
December 10, 2007.

The chirp could be the serpentine belt, and or one of the pulleys, the bearings on the tensioner and idler pulleys should be checked when the belt is off.

Dec 10, 2007.
I recently had the same problem after changing the serpentine belt. After checking the bearings I concluded it was the plastic power steering pulley. I used a bar of soap on the belt and the chirping was gone immediately and has been gone for over 2 months. It's a cheap and easy fix.

Dec 10, 2007.