2001 Ford Taurus

Transmission problem
2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Automatic 193000 miles

Warning light come on at about 30 60 miles of driving. Starts shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Had rebulit transmission put in approx. 20 months ago. Took back to repair shop. Replaced. Read code 1744. Checked connections, problem continued, replaced the solenoid, plb. Continued, replaced valve body, plb continued, changed electronic control module, plb. Continued, replaced the torque converter, plb continued. Suggested it was electrical. Can you help?
February 26, 2010.

Hi there, Thank you for the donation, see text for fault code identification and service tests, as there are so may extras... let me know if you need any and i will post them, it's very time consuming to post the lot so just let me know what you need as you go along.

mark (mhpautos)

Feb 26, 2010.