2001 Ford Taurus

Engine Performance problem
2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

when repalcing the tps, does the throttle need to be wide open? I have went to 2 different auto parts stores & got 2 different sensors. One would need to be installed with throttle wide open & the other at idle speed. Is there a difference between the tps on a dohc & other v6? I have the dohc model.
March 13, 2010.

Removal & Installation Disconnect Throttle Position (TP) sensor from wiring harness. Mark throttle body and TP sensor for reassembly reference. Remove mounting bolts and TP sensor. To install, align tangs on TP sensor with blades on throttle shaft and install sensor on throttle body. Align marks on throttle body and TP sensor. Secure TP sensor to throttle assembly with retaining bolts. Reconnect wiring. Nothing about holding it wide open. Not sure if the sensors are different, but probably not.

Mar 13, 2010.