2000 Ford Taurus

2000 Ford Taurus

This code appeared p1237, it states fuel pump secondary circuit malfunction. The vehicle starts, all grounds that I can find check out, there is no shuddering in the vehicle and it runs as normal. I am a little lost as to why this code appeared. Thanks for any help.
September 12, 2008.

Ensure ignition switch is turned to ON position
Using a DVOM, measure volts between FPDM
harness connector FPDM PWR circuit and FT RTN circuit terminals.
If volts is less than one volt replace FPDM.
If voltage is one volts or more, repair short to ground in the FP RTN circuit
good luck

Sep 12, 2008.
This is a rehash on some information I have found on this problem, there has been a recall by ford on the FPDM recall # 00E10 so if there is anyone else experiencing this you might want to call ford b/c there's a good chance they may take care of it for free.

Sep 13, 2008.