1999 Ford Taurus

Transmission problem
1999 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

How do you remove?
September 8, 2009.

Remove wheel assembly and hub nut retainer. Remove bolt attaching brake hose to strut.
Remove lower ball joint pinch bolt and nut, and discard. Remove ABS sensor, and move aside (if equipped). Pry down on control arm assembly to separate ball joint from steering knuckle. If necessary. Disconnect stabilizer bar at control arm.
CAUTION: If both axles are removed, Shipping Plugs (T81P-1177-B ) must be installed to prevent differential side gears from moving. If side gears move, transaxle must be removed to realign side gears.

Install Hub Remover/Installer (T81P-1104-C ) assembly, and push CV joint out of hub assembly.
Remove axle shaft from vehicle.
Install Puller (T86P-3514-A1 ), Extension (T86P-3514-A2 ) and a slide hammer to inner CV joint.
Remove inner CV joint from transaxle.
To remove intermediate axle shaft on MTX models, remove support bearing bracket bolts. Slide shaft from transaxle.
Replace circlip on transaxle end of axle shaft. Insert axle shaft into transaxle. Ensure circlip is fully engaged in transaxle. If difficulty is encountered engaging axle shaft into transmission, tap on outer CV joint with plastic or rubber mallet.
Feed outer CV joint stub shaft into hub as far as possible. Install NEW hub retainer nut on end of axle shaft. Tighten retainer nut to specification.
To complete installation, reverse removal procedure

Sep 8, 2009.