1998 Ford Taurus

Engine Cooling problem
1998 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive

is it difficult to change the water pump on the 3.0?
January 13, 2010.

1.Drain engine cooling system.
2.Release drive belt tensioner and remove drive belt.
3.Remove radiator and water heater hose from the water pump connections.
4.Remove A/C compressor to water pump brace.

5.Remove four bolts retaining water pump to engine and remove water pump.

1.Place water pump onto engine and carefully install into position until seated.
2.Install four retaining bolts. Tighten to 20-30 Nm (15-22 ft. lbs.).
3.Install radiator and heater water hose to the water pump. Position clamps securely.

4.Install A/C compressor to water pump bracket. Tighten bolts to 20-30 Nm (15-22 ft. lbs.).
5.Install drive belt.
6.Fill engine cooling system.

CAUTION: Use extreme care to keep coolant mixture off of the drive belt and pulleys. If needed, remove drive belt and rinse with clear water. Clean pulleys and install drive belt. Belt squeal and early belt fatigue will occur otherwise.

Jan 13, 2010.