1996 Ford Taurus

1996 Ford Taurus 61500 miles

Last night as I was backing out through a tight spot I hit my passenger side mirror and it broke the holder clean off.

I bought a replacement mirror online already, how do I go about replacing the mirror holder?


October 22, 2008.

Hi ssilence,

Thank you for the donation.


Removal & Installation

Remove door panel.
Remove mirror mounting hole cover.
See Fig. 1 .
Disconnect mirror wiring harness connector.
Remove mirror attaching nuts.
Remove mirror assembly while guiding wiring and connector through hole in door.

To install, reverse removal procedure.
Tighten nuts to approximately 53 INCH lbs. (6 N.m).

Oct 22, 2008.
Can you give me information on how to remove the door panel?

Thanks for far!

Oct 22, 2008.
Hi ssilence,

Sorry to inform that I am unable to get any diagrams to show you how to remove the door trim.

I would try to get my colleagues to assist in providing the info.

In the meantime if you can provide a snapshot of the door trim, I migh be able to explain it to you the process.

Thank you.

Oct 22, 2008.
Is this any better fellas?" alt="
Fig. 1: Detach the connector for the mirror

." />
Fig. 2: If necessary, peel back any watershields to...

Fig. 3: ... access the mirror retaining bolts and remove them

Fig. 4: As the bolts are removed, carefully support the mirror assembly then remove it from the vehicle

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the front door panel.
Detach the outside rearview mirror wiring connector.
Remove the wiring guides as necessary.
Remove the three outside rear view mirror retaining nuts.
Remove the outside rear view mirror while guiding the wiring through the hole in the door.
To install:

Install the outside rear view mirror by routing the wiring through the hole in the front door.
Install the three retaining nuts and tighten the retaining nuts to 54-70 inch lbs.(6-8 Nm).
Connect the mirror wiring.
Replace the front door trim panel.
Connect the negative battery cable

Oct 22, 2008.
Thanks Legitimate007.

It should help but sorry to say we need to know how to remove the door panel.

How about some snapshots of the panel and the screws that we need to remove and procedures to get it off?

Oct 23, 2008.
Thanks for the help.

I was able to remove the door panel myself, and the pictures from legitimate007 will help me with the rest once the part gets here.

I don't have pictures but here is the basic procedure.

1. Remove the screw under the door handle part (where your hand goes)
2. Remove the cover behind the door handle.
3. Remove the 2 screws of the speaker next to the window.
4. Next you have about 7 or so Christmas-trees you can remove with a crowbar.

It was surprisingly similar. Except there are christmas-trees at the top as well.

Oct 23, 2008.

Thank you very much for the feeback and glad that you have solved the problem.

Have a nice day. : )

Oct 23, 2008.
Nice video! To bad Ken or Jackson werent in it!

Oct 23, 2008.
O.K good

Oct 23, 2008.
What web site did you get the outside mirror for a 1996 ford taurus


thomasconnie@netzero. Net

Jul 14, 2009.