1994 Ford Taurus

Electrical problem
1994 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

where is the powertrain control module located & does it control tranny shifting too
April 8, 2009.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) location
3.0L On top right side of firewall.
3.0L SHO On top right side of firewall..
3.2L SHO On top right side of firewall.
3.8L On top right side of firewall.
What do you have for issues

Apr 8, 2009.
It started by not changing from 2nd gear at all. I chahged speed sensor and that didnt help. I unplugged battery for a while and it started shifting but if you put shifter in low gear (1st) it trys to go in first and reverse. It will go forward but it acts like its in a bind and when you let off the gas it trys to back up. It was doing this before I unplugged the battery. If you put it in drive or overdrive it shifts fine but sometines I think it pulls out from a stop in second gear. Any info would be greatly appreacciated

Apr 10, 2009.
In a case like this you need the help of a scanner
have to check for tranny codes and also scan data
to check what the tranny doing and when
this way you can determine if its a sensor and or solenoid
and if its a tranny failure
Need a tool or a tester CHECK IT @
need manual CHECK IT @

Apr 10, 2009.