1994 Ford Station Wagon

1994 Ford Station Wagon 6 cyl 175000 miles

Could you tell me, or tell me where on the Internet to see, photos taken from the side which show the acceptable angle for a lap belt across the lap? In other words, is there a specified range of angles for the lap belt to describe as it dips down to the right and left anchor points?

What I mean is you could install a lap belt with anchor points so far forward of your hips that you would slide forward in a crash, totally depending on the shoulder strap to restrain forward movement. Or you could attach the lap belt much farther rearward, forming about a 45 degree angle with your torso/leg intersection. The later seems correct to me. But I'm looking for a photo or diagram which shows a lap belt/shoulder harness correctly installed to provide maximum protection. I'm attaching a photo of a person sitting in a seat, with a yellow rope showing where the manufacturer intended the lap belt to be anchored.
March 18, 2009.

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