Ford Ranger

On my 1996 for ranger 2 wheel drive 4 cylinder engine, 100,000 miles I recently had this problem: I was driving home and the gas was pretty low, I shut off the truck at my garage door, got out and opened the garage door, got right back in the truck, and it failed to start. I couldnt hear the fuel-pump engage when I turned the key, so I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Now I cant seem to get any power to the fuel pump, and the auto shut-off switch has been reset. I am not getting any power to the relay located by the shut-off switch, but the relay under the hood for fuel pump is good. When I straight-wired the relay from the battery, the fuel pump came on. The wire that seems to be the problem is a green and black one, is there anything else that can be done besides replacing the entire wiring?
December 21, 2006.

Hey long,
Well you've narrowed it down some! Power to that relay control circuit come either from the fusible links at the solenoid or a fuse underhood. I would start there. Let us know


Dec 21, 2006.